Why Buy a Flat-Top Trailer With Drop-Down Legs For Your Farm?

Flat-top trailers are useful pieces of kit to have on a farm. They can carry bulky and heavy loads. They are also easy to hook up to utes, trucks and tractors.

As you start to look at flat-top trailers, make sure to look for extra useful features. For example, you can buy models with drop-down legs. These trailers have a pair of folding legs attached to the back of the trailer's bed. You pull the legs down when you want to use them and fold them away when they aren't in use.

What are the advantages of buying a trailer with drop-down legs?

Make the Trailer More Stable

While flat-bed trailers have some built-in stability, they can move as you load them, especially if you go with a single-axle model. The trailer might tilt up and down as you load it until you put enough weight on it in the right distribution for it to hold steady.

While this might not be much of a problem if you're loading on supplies or feed, it can be more of a problem if you want to use the trailer to load heavy pieces of equipment, machines or vehicles.

For example, if you want to load a mini tractor onto a trailer, then you would usually use ramps to get the tractor up onto the bed. The problem is, the bed might tilt back as the tractor moves off the ramp and onto the trailer.

This movement can be risky; it could cause an accident. If you don't get things just right, then the tractor could come off the trailer. Or, it could be pushed too fast towards the front as the trailer tilts forward again. This could cause some damage to an expensive machine.

If you use drop-down legs when you load heavy items, then you give the trailer bed some useful extra stability. The legs give the bed enough support to keep it flat and steady. You get a safer load.

Turn the Trailer Into a Storage Space

If you won't use your trailer all the time, then you can use it as a useful storage area. For example, you could use it to store feed, equipment or supplies until you need to use them or move them.

However, this won't work so well if your trailer tilts. You'll have to organise the items you store on it to distribute their weight evenly. If you take some things off, then the bed could tilt and dump the rest.

If you use drop-down legs, then you turn the trailer into a stable table. You can store things on it safely and keep them out of the way.

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