Auto Maintenance: 3 Important Precautions for Installing Head Bolts

If you are planning on replacing head bolts, you must purchase the right products for your automobiles. These components are of critical importance in a vehicle because they connect the auto cylinder head and the engine block. In general, the perfect head bolt should go through the head gasket and the cylinder, creating an ideal connection. If you choose the wrong head bolts, the performance of the engine will be compromised due to poor torqueing. In addition to purchasing the right bolts, it is important to install the components correctly. Here are some crucial precautions for proper head bolt installation.

1. Clean the Bolt Holes

It is important for the holes in the engine block into which the head bolts will be inserted to be clean. Dirty bolt holes will interfere with the fastening of the new components. In simple terms, the clamping force will be reduced. Therefore, you should clean out the particles and general debris from these holes to promote better fastening. The threads might also be dirty, so check their conditions and brush out any grime for optimal clamping.

2. Lubricate the Threads

Inserting the head bolts into the auto engine block might be difficult if there is too much friction. This is a common problem for blind bolt holes. If you cannot insert the bolts with ease, you should consider lubricating the threads a little. This will ease the movement of the bolt and ensure complete security. You can use a little engine oil for this purpose. Other oils are not suitable because they will introduce foreign compounds into the auto assembly. If your head bolts are designed for use in the coolant area, you might want to utilise a sealer on the threads. This will prevent the flow of the fluid out.

3. Choose Suitable Washers

You should purchase the right washers for installing the head bolts into your vehicle. This aspect is of particular importance when dealing with cylinder heads made of aluminium. If you install the head bolts directly, you will notice problems such as the galling of the aluminium material over time. This will accelerate the degradation of the cylinder head. Also, the performance of the engine might be compromised. Therefore, you should acquire some washers, preferably made from hardened steel. These will prevent not only galling but also promote the optimal distribution of the pressure exerted by the head bolts.

Finally, you must tighten the head bolts into the auto engine block as recommended by the manufacturer to ensure ideal performance and longer service.