Car Mat Buying Guide: How to Find the Best Mats for Your Vehicle

Car mats protect the floor of your vehicle from the dirt and dust you track in and food spills. They keep moisture away from the floor and hinder the growth of harmful microorganisms that thrive in moist and unclean environments. What's more, mats also make cleaning your interior easier, which goes a long way in creating a sanitary environment.

If you're on the market for new car mats, you should know that not just any product on the market is suitable for your needs. Below are some considerations you should have in mind before settling on a product.

Universal vs. Custom Mats

One thing you'll quickly realise as you shop around is that there are universal and custom mats. Universal mats are designed to fit most if not all the cars. The fit may not be perfect, but they are meant to cover most of the floor area in various vehicle models. On the other hand, custom mats are designed to perfectly fit your car model. In addition to the fit, the following are some other distinguishing factors in these two types of mats:

Quality: Custom mats tend to be of better quality than universal ones as they are designed with precision. However, you can find quality universal mats from reputable brands.

Cost: Custom mats tend to be costlier than universal ones due to the resources channelled towards studying different car models and designing customised mats for each.

The choice between these two should depend on your budget and preference. However, custom mats tend to protect your car floor better due to their perfect fit and last longer than universal mats, especially the low-quality ones.

Rubber vs. Carpet Mats

There are two primary materials for car mats: carpet and rubber. Rubber provides the best protection value, is easy to clean and is designed to withstand harsh climatic conditions. Choose rubber cat mats if you:

  • Live in an area that's prone to rain, sand or hail
  • Have kids or pets as they tend to get a car dirty fast
  • Tend to carry and spill foods and drinks in the car

The downside to rubber mats is that they only come in a few colours, usually black, tan and grey. On the other hand, carpet mats are available in a variety of colours and designs. However, carpet mats are hard to clean and maintain. Therefore, only consider them if you don't get the car dirty often. 

Premium Customisations

Instead of going for standard mats with no customisations, consider giving your car's interior a premium look by getting mats with customised designs. These include 3D mats that add visual interest to your vehicle's floor area. If you opt for carpet mats, you could customise them with embroidery, personalised colours or even your car's initials. 

Consider these crucial factors when buying new car mats so you can get the best value from them. Contact a company like No Bull Accessories to learn more.