Top 3 Reasons Your 4WD Vehicle May Suffer a Tyre Blowout

4WD vehicles are ruggedly built to conquer off-road terrains that are difficult to manoeuvre using standard cars, but they are not invincible. Just like normal cars, 4x4s can break down due to a range of factors. One of these factors is a tyre blowout. 

A blowout happens when there is a sudden loss of air pressure in a tyre. It is usually accompanied by a loud explosive noise, which can leave you struggling to compensate for the loss in vehicle control. There are a variety of reasons why your 4WD vehicle's tyres can suffer a blowout. 

Here are some common causes of tyre blowouts.

1. Low Tyre Pressure

Maintaining the correct air pressure is vital to keep your vehicle's tyres working reliably for a long time. After all, it is the air in your tyres that allows the tyres to carry the weight of the vehicle and its load. 

Without adequate air pressure, the internal components of your tyres, including the rubber, fabric, composites and steel will be overstrained and weakened and will ultimately fail. Check your tyre pressure regularly and maintain the manufacturer-recommended air pressures for your vehicle to minimise the risk of a blowout.

2. Overloading

Every vehicle has a maximum weight limit that shouldn't be exceeded. Exceeding this limit adds excessive stress on your tyres and can lead to a tyre blowout, even when the right amount of tyre pressure is maintained. 

Before driving off into the off-road world, make sure the load you've carried doesn't exceed the specified weight capacity of your vehicle. 

4. Overly Damaged Tyres

Excessive wear and tear of tyres resulting from normal operation of your 4WD vehicle is another common cause of tyre blowouts. Over time, the tyres that you ride on will start to have shallower tyre tread depth and will eventually go bald. Other forms of tyre damage include cracks, bulges, cuts and punctures.

Watching out for signs of tyre damage and having them checked on a regular basis is vital for maintaining the good health of your tyres, thus reducing the risk of a blowout.

Getting your 4WD vehicle's tyres serviced at a 4WD service centre is vital to minimising and potentially preventing tyre blowouts. The tyre specialist at the centre will inspect your tyres and fix issues that will compromise the health of your tyres. In cases where your vehicle requires a tyre replacement, they will recommend the right tyres for your ride.

To learn more about maintaining your 4WD vehicle, contact a 4WD service centre in your area.