3 Reasons to Buy Aluminium Plant Trailers

If you're looking to buy new trailers to carry your plant machines and equipment, then you might not be sure whether to invest in steel or aluminium products. While steel has its advantages, aluminium has extra benefits that you might find useful.

Why should you look at aluminium trailers?

1. Additional Carrying Strength

While you might assume that steel is a stronger material than aluminium, this isn't necessarily true. The aluminium used in trailers is an alloy; it isn't the softer material that you see in consumer products.

For example, aluminium trailers also contain some other metals like titanium, iron or copper. These additional metals make the aluminium even stronger. A trailer made from a high-quality aluminium alloy can rival or even exceed the carrying weight of a steel trailer. So, you won't lose any strength to weight benefits and you might even gain some.

2. Lighter Trailers

Aluminium is traditionally a lighter material than steel, even in an alloy form. This lighter weight has a couple of upsides. For example, the less your trailer weighs, the more weight you can put on it. It will take you longer to reach your allowable payload limits. As long as you stay with the trailer's weight limits, you could carry heavier machines and equipment or put more items on the trailer at once.

Also, you see some fuel economy benefits here. A lighter trailer is more streamlined; it doesn't create as much aerodynamic drag on its attached vehicle. If you pull a heavy trailer, then you use up more fuel. The trailer drags back on its vehicle. A lighter trailer doesn't do this as much, so you should get a better km/litre consumption rate. The less fuel you use, the less you pay.

3. Longer Life

One of the primary problems with steel is the fact that it can corrode. If the metal rusts, it loses some stability and strength. While you can buy galvanised steel trailers to reduce the chances of corrosive damage, the extra layer of coating adds to the weight of the trailer. If the coating degrades, then you're back to square one.

An aluminium alloy won't rust. It doesn't need this kind of protective coating. This kind of trailer also reduces your maintenance jobs. You don't have to look out for the signs of rust. You don't have to treat or repair weakened areas.

To find out more about aluminium trailers, contact plant trailer manufacturers or suppliers.