Essential Tips for Cleaning Car Floor Mats

Remember the first time you bought a new car? It smelt fresh and mint, and the last thing you wanted was spilling anything on the seats or floor. Unfortunately, the fresh, minty aura does not last forever—a musty and earthy odour slowly replaces it over time. Although the unpleasant smell can originate from anywhere inside a car, floor mats are mostly the culprit. The smell usually arises from weeks or months of liquid spills and inadequate cleaning procedures. This article highlights proper car floor mat cleaning tips.

Do not Rush Vacuuming

Vacuuming is the first step of cleaning car floor mats. It frees loose dirt and debris before the deep cleaning stage. Unfortunately, most car owners rush through the process, compromising the overall cleaning exercise. Besides, it is a health hazard, especially if you continuously carry people in your car. If you rush the vacuuming stage, you leave debris behind, which prolongs the cleaning exercise. Therefore, take time when vacuuming your car floor mats to remove as much loose dirt as possible. Most importantly, it shortens the cleaning process and makes it effortless. 

Use a Gentle Brush

Once you are sure that a car mat is free of loose dirt and debris, it is time to deep clean it. You can use different detergents depending on cost and preference. For instance, you can choose commercial cleaning solutions designed specifically for carpet cleaning. For a more natural solution, you can opt for white vinegar. Whichever cleaning solution you select, remember to use a brush with relatively gentle bristles. The fibres on car carpets can get undone if you use a brush with tough bristles. A brush with flexible bristles ensures that threads remain intact since you use back-and-forth scrubbing strokes. 

Spray a Stain Guard

A properly scrubbed and rinsed car mat should be clean enough for drying under the sun. While you can stop the cleaning process at this point, you can add one last step: spraying a stain guard. Remember that freshly cleaned mats will be exposed to stains, spills, and dirt immediately you install them back into your car. Therefore, adding a protective layer against spills and dirt is advisable. A stain guard is a protective solution that prevents stains and repels liquids. The best stain guards cover various fluids, such as coffee, soda spills, and pet urine. Therefore, a stain guard prolongs the service life of your car mat.