Top Things You May Want to Know About Automotive Electricians as a Car Owner

As a car owner, it's a good thing to learn a little bit about the different professionals who you might have to hire and work with in your time as a car owner. For example, you might know automotive technicians can perform oil changes and basic repairs on your vehicle, but you might not yet be familiar with automotive electricians. However, there is a chance you will need to work with one of these professionals at some point. Read More 

Essential Tips for Cleaning Car Floor Mats

Remember the first time you bought a new car? It smelt fresh and mint, and the last thing you wanted was spilling anything on the seats or floor. Unfortunately, the fresh, minty aura does not last forever—a musty and earthy odour slowly replaces it over time. Although the unpleasant smell can originate from anywhere inside a car, floor mats are mostly the culprit. The smell usually arises from weeks or months of liquid spills and inadequate cleaning procedures. Read More 

3 Reasons to Buy Aluminium Plant Trailers

If you're looking to buy new trailers to carry your plant machines and equipment, then you might not be sure whether to invest in steel or aluminium products. While steel has its advantages, aluminium has extra benefits that you might find useful. Why should you look at aluminium trailers? 1. Additional Carrying Strength While you might assume that steel is a stronger material than aluminium, this isn't necessarily true. The aluminium used in trailers is an alloy; it isn't the softer material that you see in consumer products. Read More 

Vehicle Dyno Tuning FAQs

Would you want to increase the power of your car? If you do, you have probably considered vehicle dyno tuning. Most people are not familiar with this process or do not understand what it involves. Below are some vehicle dyno tuning FAQs to help you understand the process and its potential benefits.  What Is Vehicle Dyno Tuning?  A dynamometer is a machine designed to measure the horsepower and torque of a vehicle. Read More